Sabrina Jung
by Sabrina Jung

Using private portraits being photographed in various photo studios during the last 100 years, I created my collages entitled "masks“ from 2009 to 2011.

Analyzing poses, clothes, views, accessory and staging, I could read a lot about the time and type of staging, how photographers used it in different decades until now. I realized there was no personal identity as suggested, the portraits were all staged performances of social stereotypes accepted by the public. The photographers are repeating a form of representation using the same repertoire again and again.

These portraits mirrow more a kind of society and their idea of gender roles than they are a statement of an individual identity e.g. profile photos on social networking sites. Creating the collages by cutting-out parts from other faces and putting it into the portrait, I disrupt, undercut and deconstruct the social roles confirmed by the community. It´s a simple but radical way of unmasking the performance.